Lean Academy seminars include:

  • Practical training – at least 60% of practical part
  • Learning from Inspirations – Seminars are held directly in partner companies such as: Continental Automotive, Fraenkische, ABB, Siemens, Maier CZ, BOS CZ, Busch Výroba and others)
  • Each practical seminar takes place in another manufacturing company
  • Result oriented – the results of practical part are presented directly to the company management
  • Seminars are led by experienced lecturers with years of experience in corporate management, continuous improvement, mentoring and coaching
  • Students during their studies receive a project assigment within which they implement some lean methodologies directly in their companies 

Final examination:

  • Oral exam
  • Written exam
  • Project presentation


LEAN Junior Graduate:

  • Has a general overview of continuous improvement techniques
  • Can effectively solve problems
  • Can implement lean business tools
  • Can recognize and solve waste in everyday processes

 LEAN Junior Seminars:

LEAN Basics                    2days

         Tools of team improvement 2days        

Training 5S                        2days

Ergonomics and organization of workplace 2days

Internal logistics                2days

Shortening of exchange method SMED 2days

Balancing of production line          2days

Effective operation management     1day

Autonomous maintenance              2days


LEAN Senior Graduate:

  • Controls advanced techniques to streamline processes. Able to lead and organize workshops.
  • Can coordinate innovating teams
  • Effectively implements process optimization methodologies
  • Builds a culture of continuous improvement

Semináře LEAN Senior Seminars:

Quality management                      2days

VSM – Value Stream Mapping        3days

Lean in administration                   2days

Tools of employee development      1days

Ergonomics                           1day

Planned maintenanace           2days

Automation                           2days

Supply chain management          2days

February 2020
DATEName of the coursePLACEPRICE
11. 2.Practical seminar - Synchronization (Line Balancing)Faurecia Automotive, Písek5 500 CZK excl. VATSign in
20. 2. - 21. 2.Practical Seminar - AUTONOMOUS MAINTENANCEFRAENKISCHE, Okříšky11 000 CZK excl. VATSign in
March 2020
DATEName of the coursePLACEPRICE
12. 3. - 13. 3.Practical Seminar - LEAN AUTOMATIONFraenkische CZ, Okříšky11 000 CZK excl. VATSign in
17. 3. - 18. 3.Practical Seminar - DAILY KAIZENAUTONEUM, Choceň11 000 CZK excl. VATSign in
19. 3.LEAN Academy SENIOREvery seminar in another company87 500 CZK excl. VATSign in
19. 3. - 20. 3.Practical seminar - Quality managementTo be specified14 900 CZK excl. VATSign in
April 2020
DATEName of the coursePLACEPRICE
15. 4. - 17. 4.Practical seminar - VALUE STREAM MAPPINGTatra, Kopřivnice14900 CZK excl. VATSign in
27. 4. - 28. 4.Practical seminar - LEAN BASICSTo be specified11000 CZK excl. VATSign in
27. 4.LEAN Academy JUNIOREvery seminar in another company87 500 CZK excl. VATSign in
May 2020
DATEName of the coursePLACEPRICE
13. 5. - 14. 5.Practical seminar - Lean in the administrationTo be specified11 000 CZK excl. VATSign in
25. 5. - 26. 5.Practical Seminar - Team improvement toolsTo be specified11 000 CZK excl. VATSign in
June 2020
DATEName of the coursePLACEPRICE
4. 6.Practical Seminar - ERGONOMICSTo be specified5 500 CZK excl. VATSign in
16. 6. - 17. 6.Practical seminar - Training 5STo be specified11 000 CZK excl. VATSign in
August 2020
DATEName of the coursePLACEPRICE
25. 8. - 26. 8.Practical Seminar - Ergonomics and organization of workplaceAutoneum CZ, Choceň11 000 CZK excl. VATSign in
September 2020
DATEName of the coursePLACEPRICE
15. 9. - 16. 9.Practical seminar - INTERNAL LOGISTICSTo be specified11 000 CZK excl. VATSign in
October 2020
DATEName of the coursePLACEPRICE
6. 10. - 7. 10.Practical Seminar - Shortening of exchange method SMEDASSA ABLOY Czech & Slovakia, Rychnov nad Kněžnou11 000 CZK excl. VATSign in
November 2020
DATEName of the coursePLACEPRICE
25. 11. - 26. 11.Practical Seminar - PLANNED MAINTENANCEFraenkische CZ, Okříšky11 000 CZK excl. VATSign in



Benchmarking allows you to better understand what makes companies successful in implementing change. Are you ready to benchmark your performance?
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Learn to think lean and improve your work. The Lean Academy is a multi-level course designed for those responsible for implementing Lean methods.
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We will provide you with solutions during the consultation. By coaching you will explore the possibilities of the solution. We know how to work with learning curve in a unique way.
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Lean Congress

Lean Congress

Lean Congress has been organized by Bauer Lean Consulting since 2004 and is permanently included in the calendar of all those interested in improving management processes in accordance with the philosophy of continuous improvement.
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We support our partners in implementing Industry 4.0 features. Especially projects implementing collaborative robots as a substitute for manual stereotyped work.
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We regularly prepare AUTHOR´S books intended to the following themes: management, leadership, lean, human resources development, company culture, change management, motivation
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