Until the 1989 revolution he worked in the supplier-engineering plant of the Vitkovice zelezarny.

After the revolution, he got a traineeship in the Austrian Voest Alpine and studied leadership and other management skills with Austrian managers.

After returning in 1991, he founded the ASA - Abfal Service Austria and led it to the first position in the Czech Republic.

Since 1993 he has worked as a consultant and crisis manager in companies such as Válcovny plechu Frýdek Místek, Královopolská a.s., and others.

Since 2000 he has also worked as a coach of managers. In 2005, he founded Kaizen Institute Czech Republic, today it is Bauer Lean Consulting.

He has experiences working with companies in Austria, Japan, Mauritius and other countries in Western Europe, America and Asia.

He is currently working with approximately twenty leaders of large companies and coaching approximately thirty top and middle managers.

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How would you describe the current situation ?:

This is an unprecedented situation and has no comparison with either September 11 or the 2009-10 crisis.

It is unprecedented that safe meetings and workshops cannot be held. It may take years to return to a standard development situation.

Globalization is not just the exception, when someone has contacts and gets something, the temporary winners are those who have denied the principles of lean and JIT in practice and have accumulated stocks for various reasons.

What would you suggest to a company that has discontinued production or has orders lower by tens of percent ?:

I would compare you to a situation where your bucket is full of water (high cash) and the water is leaking from the holes, the bucket may be empty. You have to plug or reduce all openings as quickly as possible and then start to look creatively for new inflow possibilities. This means that you need to take stock of variable and fixed costs such as outflow and inventory and forecast sales.

On the basis of this analysis, then take quick measures according to the principle of “not fast enough”.

What does a crisis manager managing a rescue operation need ?:

Let's start with what he does not need: The vision is given, you have lost your way in the forest, you have to find your way out first and then look around. You need to make decisions even though not all decisions prove to be right. Most importantly, communicating with employees is open and honest, even if you can't call them. You need to analyze the state of the company and I recommend the controlling model of the company for creating survival scenarios. Continuous improvement is replaced by fire fighting in the crisis. You need to convince yourself and then the surroundings that you are an authentic optimist. And to create a crisis team that will consistently implement the decisions made.

How to use the crisis situation ?:

In this situation, positive changes can be made, which are difficult to enforce in the era of development and provoke resistance. See quote from Stephen Covey: "If you don't choose to do it in leadership time up front, you do it in crisis management down the road."



  • live Lean
  • continually improve
  • experiment
  • exit the comfort zone



  • persist in the changes
  • use smart and uncompromising questions
  • put beetles in the head and spin the brain threads
  • respect partnership and honor modesty


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