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Introduction or Something About Modern Apostles 

1. How to Free Demotivated Employees 

  • So what happened over the next two years to change thinking? 

 2. How to free a frustrated director 

  • Support your people's confidence and work on your own!  
  • Listen and be empathetic! 
  • Support and create a good atmosphere for problem solving, support new ideas, suggestions, information!  
  • Help, without taking responsibility, delegate! 
  • Golden Rule No. 1: Effective Delegation 
  • Golden Rule No. 2: appropriately chosen coaching 
  • Golden Rule No. 3: Employee Energy

3. Cultural Revolution through TPM Implementation

4. I am nothing, I am a musician

5. Avatar - managerial reality in 2020 

  • Focus on focusing, being a leader = chameleon 
  • Coordinate - people, time and yourself 38 Have a "drive", be a driving force, be a "gladiator"
  • Motivate well - a good motivator is a great alchemist 
  • Coach individually, team and cascade 
  • Be authentic, agile, energized 
  • The use of emotional intelligence  
  • Communicate, visualize, lead effective consultations in a obeya 

6. A person who ended yesterday 

  • Personal Energy - What Can Managers Inspire From Athletes?
  • Physical dimension 
  • Emotional dimension 
  • Mental dimension
  • Spiritual dimension

7. Myths about the philosophies of kaizen and lean 

  • The myth of adored, damned, wanted and hated method of 5S 
  • Myths about the Czech way of implementing foreign philosophies kaizen and lean
  • The myth of great manufacturing and office workshops to reduce costs
  • My Skills Training Myth 76 The myth of indispensability for kanban (especially electronic) and other kaizen tools 
  • Myth of the Improvement Proposal System and the Improvement Movement 
  • Myth about satisfied and motivated employees 

8. Animal Company or Monstrous Culture Eats Breakfast Strategy

9. Fairy tale about young superman

  • Steve Jobs. How did he live, what he was looking for and what did he find?

10. Foreman 

  • To start with a few simple numbers 
  • What with this?Co s tím?

11. Fairy tale about motivated elephant 

  • Cultural decline, performance and sustainability
  • Keeping with habits
  • Kaizen habits
  • How to spread good habits in the company
  • Creating good culture

12. What are the chambers of war chambers for? 

  • Obeya – communication center
  • Obeya in company 111 
  • How does it work in our country?
  • The war room is not for housewives

13. Fairy tale at the end: looking for trust

Kaizen dictionary 
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When consulting in the form of webinars and skype meetings we will provide you with inspiration and solutions. By coaching you will explore the possibilities of the solution. We know how to work with learning curve in a unique way.
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Learn to think lean and improve your work. The Lean Academy is a multi-level course designed for those responsible for implementing Lean methods.
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Lean Congress

Lean Congress

Lean Congress has been organized by Bauer Lean Leadership since 2004 and is permanently included in the calendar of all those interested in improving management processes in accordance with the philosophy of continuous improvement.
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We support our partners in implementing Industry 4.0 features. Especially projects implementing collaborative robots as a substitute for manual stereotyped work.
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We regularly prepare AUTHOR´S books intended to the following themes: management, leadership, lean, human resources development, company culture, change management, motivation
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