Goal of the seminar

  • Gain theoretical basis for working with various types of problems in a team - PDCA, A3 report
  • Practical application to extend and deepen skills used in problem solving
  • To analyze selected unresolved problems of the partner company in the company operation and propose measures
  • Present the analysis procedure and proposed measures to management representatives and get feedback
  • Take the experience of completing the PDCA and A3 report
  • Clarify roles in the improvement team to avoid communication noise in your own job
  • Understand the importance of testing the measures in place to avoid repeating problems
  • Gain awareness of the importance of problem-solving efficiency
  • To gain awareness of the range of skills of successful problem solvers
  • Understand the importance of standardization for the sustainability of change in a company

Target group

TARGET GROUP: production workers | technology | process engineers | continuous improvement specialists | foremen | leaders | middle and upper management

Price of the seminar include: organization in a partner company, costs of a lecturer, training materials in printed and electronic form, refreshments including lunches

Group size: Maximálně 12 studentů

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