Goal of the seminar

  • Wise visualization of information
  • Developing middle management to masters and team leaders
  • Observing shopfloor management in a partner company
  • Participants create their own Daily lean board
  • Designing a model solution in a partner company
  • Improving the efficiency and functioning of work teams
  • Inspiration for both overdue days and lots of emails
  • Obeya meeting room, Obeya cascade
  • Improving communication, teamwork
  • Effective management of KPI's


Ing. Miroslav Bauer

Miroslav Bauer.jpg

Miroslav gained useful work experience as a crisis manager in the post-revolutionary years. In 2005, he founded the Kaizen Institute Czech Republic, today's Bauer Lean Consulting. Since then, he has led a team of consultants and participated in dozens of process and culture transformation projects.

Target group

Production personnel | Technology staff| process engineers | continuous improvement specialists | foremen | shift leaders | middle and senior management

The price of the seminar includes: organization in a partner company, costs of a lecturer, training materials in printed and electronic form, refreshments including lunches

Group size: Maximum 12 students




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