Goal of the seminar

  • To get acquainted with the ways and possibilities of work organization in the production plant
  • Gain awareness of the methodology of mapping value flows and learn to distinguish between unnecessary and unnecessary waste
  • To know various types of production line arrangement, their advantages and disadvantages, methods of providing flexible output
  • To acquaint with terms such as JIT, one piece flow, customer tact, continuous time
  • To clarify the importance of balancing the line and the effort to achieve a smooth flow of production
  • Explain the differences between Push and Pull strategy in terms of production planning
  • Inspire in the form of Best Practice Demonstrations during a plant tour moderated by a management representative
  • In the form of workshops and a practical part of training in the operation of the partner company to learn how to correctly apply the information in practice

Target group

TARGET GROUP: maintenance personnel | production staff | planning staff | technology staff | process engineers | continuous improvement specialists | leaders | foremen | Middle management

The price of the seminar includes: organization in a partner company, costs of the lecturer, training materials in printed and electronic form, refreshments including lunches

Group size: Maximum12 students

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