Goal of the seminar

  • Introduction of Shopfloor management, Obeya system (war room)
  • Presentation of the creation of the company vision and strategy (Hoshin kanri), long-term goals and their disintegration by cascade up to individual departments and production lines
  • Leaders standard work, change of masters style, team improvement
  • Team improvement system up to operator level using kaizen and A3 improvement projects
  • The process of launching the implementation of collaborative robots - cobots
  • Definition of ergonomics
  • Model of ergonomics with pillars Technology, Environment, worker
  • Presentation of methodical procedure
  • Practical application in selected workplace optimization in terms of elimination of stress, potential incidents, injuries, morbidity
  • KPI's benchmarks as absentism in terms of injuries
  • Practical examples

Target group

TARGET GROUP: Production personnel | Technology staff | process engineers | continuous improvement specialists | foremen | shift leaders | middle and senior management

The price of the seminar includes: organization in a partner company, costs of a lecturer, training materials in printed and electronic form, refreshments including lunches

Group size: Maximum 12 students

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