Benchmark Program


  • As a vision, align the strategy with the core role of Value Stream Mapping to eliminate 3M in processes and prepare production and logistics for incremental automation
  • How to properly design a cobotic workplace and how to proceed with implementation?
  • What to expect from the result and with what return to count?
  • Are there alternative ways on the market to set up a cobotic workplace without foreseen in the budget, such as the rental of a cobota?

Next we will talk about Industry 4.0. The Busch host representative will speak.


We will present the implemented project of Quality Control Automation at the end of the production process and conclude everything with a joint discussion.

Target group

production workers | technologists | process engineers | continuous improvement specialists | foremen | leaders | middle and top management


Price per participant: 7.000 CZK, from 4 to 6 persons 6.000 CZK, from 7 to 20 persons the price for the whole group is 40.000 CZK without VAT

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