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Vitesco Technologies Czech Republic s.r.o.                         

Volanovská 518

541 01 Trutnov
The East Bohemia plant of Vitesco Technologies Czech Republic s.r.o. based in Trutnov is engaged in the production of components for the automotive industry. In its modern halls in Trutnov it manufactures products for most of the major players in the automotive world.

There are modern production, measuring and laboratory technologies, R&D centres for high-pressure pumps and turbochargers.




The agenda focuses on:

  •     Strategy 2030 and its pillars, strategic projects
  •     Presentation of the CEO check list
  •     Living standards - basic LEAN methods and their use in the plant
  •     Leader Standard Work   
  •           - Structure and deployment in the plant
  •           - Control mechanisms (Audits)
  •           - Reporting
  •     Line Info Board
  •     5S Best in class

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