Benchmark Program

Are you interested in successful projects to streamline office processes – Lean Office?
We offer as an inspiration a study and consultation visit / benchmark  of the Czech plant of the global German company Fraenkische..
Intended primarily for managers - heads of office departments and internal lean experts. 

Benchmark Agenda 9:00 – 15:00: 

  1. Introduction and expectations of participants
  2. Introduction of the host company Fraenkische
  3. Introducing the story of culture change and implementation of lean tools
  4. A tour of the production with an emphasis on changing the role of foremen with the help of controlled operational meeting
  5. Presentation of the lean office procedure, examples of projects
  6. Metody zvýšení efektivity office a změna stylu pracovníků a manažerů office
  7. Conclusion, feedback

What can be seen and discussed?

  • The story za change in company culture and significant progress in increasing productivity with the help of kaizen and lean methods over the last 5 years
  • In 2017, there was a radical transformation of the company's culture through the coaching of 68 foromen, middle and top managers according to the mission of the plant manager: "I want the company to speak one language."
  • Cascade of "Obeya" operational meetings from masters to top management
  • Strategic management in the creation of vision and strategy (Hoshin Kanri) as an impulse for the selection of projects to streamline office processes
  • Examples of office lean projects
  • Methods of increasing the productivity of office workers and managers (standard work) and methods of measuring performance (KPI´s office)
  • Methods of stress management and burnout prevention
  • Internet usage ideas (iObeya)

Target group

Office workers as development, quality, projects, planning, economics, purchasing | Internal lean experts | Middle management, especially the head of the department


Price per participant: 7.000 CZK, from 4 to 6 osob 6.000 CZK, from 7 to 20 persons Price for the whole group 40.000 CZK. All prices without VAT.

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