Benchmark Program

  • A story of changing company culture and making significant progress in increasing productivity with the help of kaizen and lean methods over the past 5 years
  • In 2017 there was a brutal attack on the company culture through coaching 60 foremen, middle and top managers according to the plant manager mission: I want the company to speak in one language
  • People change their lives
  • The result is the involvement of managers and masters in the management of A3 projects, including communication to all workers through a huge board
  • An effective system of improvement proposals
  • Young excited, dedicated management
  • Charismatic plant manager
  • Export of Czech management know-how to Mexico, Romania and China
  • Obeya cascade from foremen to top management
  • A truly working systematic waste identification (Muda list), PDCA problem solving, Ishikawa use and 5 times why in production
  • Strategic Management in Budgeting 2019
  • Presentation of the project of implementing cobots as the beginning of the removal of dull manual work

Target group

production workers | technologists | process engineers | continuous improvement specialists | foremen | leaders | middle and top management


Price per participant: 7.000 CZK, from 4 to 6 osob 6.000 CZK, from 7 to 20 persons Price for the whole group 40.000 CZK without VAT

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