Benchmark Program


  • Introduction of KOSTAL Production system Improvement process
  • Kostal's path to establishing lasting order, discipline and streamlining office work
  • Presentation of useful standards and their development on canvas and in practice
  • Audit and motivation system with a demonstration of the BEST office (best & "shame" office)
  • Sharing 4 years of experience with 5S in office
  • The story of the 5S culture that went from production to administration
  • Come and see for inspiration, motivation, comparison, or just refining your thoughts on your path to lean where they have a non-violent enforcement of 5S principles

Areas of interest: 

  • 5S in offices
  • Standardization and development
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Continuous improvement
  • Motivation, negotiation, leadership
  • Trainings
  • Eliminate waste in offices and administration
  • Audit system
  • Responsibilities of workers
  • Role of 5S coordinator


Target group

Office workers as development, quality, projects, planning, economics, purchasing | Internal lean experts | Middle management, especially the head of the department

Price per participant: 7.000 CZK, from 4 to 6 persons 6.000 CZK, from 7 to 20 persons price for the whole group 40.000 CZK without VAT

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