Benchmark Program


  1. Day (enjoyment): Visit the “Lean Performance Office”, called Safari
  2. Day (study): Seminar (with simulations) to get a comprehensive overview of methodology

In Lean Performance Office you will see, among other things:

  1. Vision, strategy, goals, projects, indicators - connectivity (hoshin kanri in offices)
  2. Defined responsibilities
  3. Clear structure
  4. Obeya-board for offices
  5. Process mapping and optimization
  6. Elimination of waste
  7. Digital kanbans
  8. Fast learning - fast transfer of information and experience
  9. Standardization of work
  10. Agile project management

Target group

Participants will gain a comprehensive overview of the methodologies and procedures for establishing a lean office. They will see everything established and working in practice. They will get recommendations for successful implementation in their own companies, tips for motivating employees to cooperate, many photos and answers to all questions.


Date: June 10 - 11. 2020

Price: 16,000 CZK per person without VAT

includes: 2-day study program at the Lean Performance Office, refreshments, lunch

Accommodation and travel costs are paid individually by the participants.

Group: 10 people

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