Goal of the seminar

COURSE CONTENTS Seminars LEAN Senior, each seminar takes place in a different host company: 

  • Quality management – 2days
  • Synchronization – 1day
  • Internal logistics II – 2days
  • Lean in administration – 2days
  • VSM - value stream mapping – 3days
  • Polyvalence management – 1day
  • Ergonomics – 1day
  • Planned maintenance – 2days
  • Cobotization in production – 2days
  • FINAL TEST – 2days

Lean Academy seminars include:

  • Practical focus of the training - at least 60% of the practical part
  • Learning of inspiration - seminars are held directly in partner companies such as: Continental Automotive, Fraenkische, ABB, Siemens, Maier CZ, BOS CZ, Busch Production and others)
  • Each practical seminar is held in a different manufacturing company
  • Result-oriented - students present the results of the practical part directly to the company management
  • The seminars are led by experienced lecturers with years of experience in corporate management, continuous improvement, mentoring and coaching
  • During their studies, students receive a project assignment in which they implement some of the lean methodologies directly in their companies

Target group

LEAN Senior Graduate PROFILE:

  • He has a general overview of continuous improvement techniques
  • Can effectively solve problems
  • Can implement lean enterprise tools
  • Can recognize and solve waste in everyday processes
  • They master advanced techniques for streamlining processes
  • He is able to lead and organize workshops
  • Can coordinate improvement teams
  • Effectively implements methodologies for process optimization
  • He or she builds a culture of continuous improvement

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