Benchmark Program

You will know the know-how that allows manufacturing companies to stay on top.

15.6. Toyota Motor Corporation

16.6. Toyota Museum a Avex (employee engagement, Automation)

17.6. Lixil (System of improvements)

18.6. Tokyu Cerulean (training in discipline), Maruwa (making a vision)

19.6. Tokyo Sky tree (tour of tokyo)

"The most important things are not measurable." (Slogan of the biggest Japanese managers)

  • Understanding Japanese culture
  • Getting to know the Harmony concept
  • Spirit kaizen
  • Understanding the thinking of Japanese managers (imitating Toyota is not about tools but about creating culture)
  • Today's Japanese worker: Myths and reality
  • Discussions in teams what attracted and how to apply
  • Training on this topic in teams
  • Traveling Japan among others in the first class Bullit trains
  • Organization, leadership, moderation by Makoto ivestments manager and experienced consultants

Target group

TARGET GROUP: Internal lean experts Middle management, especially the head of the department

The price of the seminar includes: Consultation and training, Hotels, catering and ground transport with a guide

The price does not include transportation to Japan.

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