Benchmark Program

For the first time, we will unveil a comprehensive digital Shop Floor Management system, including top NASA type Obeya, which is the result of the development of Autoneum and the supplier company.

We offer a study and consultation visit as inspiration. Participants will receive inspiration, exchange of experience, knowledge of a very successful company and how it worked towards success.

Benchmark agenda (9-15h):

  1. Introduction and expectations of participants
  2. Introduction of the host company
  3. Introduction to Lean activities
  4. Production tour
  5. Discussion
  6. Conclusion, feedback

What can be seen and discussed?

  • Introduction of day management (meeting before shift, meeting foremen + team leaders, meeting production manager, meeting management - obeya room, operational meetings of service departments)
  • Presentation of strategic meeting A3
  • Introduction of digitization tools - MES SIDAT, Profilax (maintenance), Energy monitoring, Asprova, Zazu (Logistics), Riscon (security)
  • Implemented automation for the last period
  • Production organization - shift schedule, shift report, team structure
  • Introduction of the improvement system - Kaizen

Target group

production workers | technology staff | process engineers | continuous improvement specialists | foremen | leaders | middle and top management


Price per participant: 7.000 CZK, from 4 to 6 persons 6.000 CZK, from 7 persons 5.000 CZK all prices without VAT

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