Among other things, this was the best preparation for potential crises. Who has worked hard on it has a great chance of surviving longer than the competition.

However, the current one can only bear comparison with World War II except for the bombing and millions of dead.

Now everything is upside down and completely different principles apply, namely crisis management. Managers who mostly do not have experience in rescuing companies because they played in the sandbox in the 1990s are not ready for us.

With the exception of what we've been fighting for, that's permanent fire figting. And the strength of Czech and Slovak mentality is the hobby of uncontrolled creativity.

The effects of this apocalypse will be immense.

However, every crisis has not only losers but also winners and brings break through action and fulfillment of dreams. I mention just one example of Mr. Werner Braun's V2 rocket.

For those who are determined to survive, we have a tool - a business model for exploring short and long term developments, including all available data and information.