1. When the leader asked questions to his subordinates to think - the answer: "He'll tell us"
  2. Another reply when they didn't answer: "Try asking a question differently"
  3. And yet a workshop leader: "I'll ask a question if you don't know the answer we go on." Immediate response before asking "Let's go"
  4. After explaining what is muda and a long discussion of understanding: "Treasures are collected"
  5. After explaining what awaits them, the directly coached leader said: "We are ready for a biblical disaster"
  6. If they don't know what to do: "Not even saint knows"
  7. After announcing that the workshop will end with a celebration: "Celebration vibrates".
  8. After exploring what kaizen is in unison and honestly everyone: "I'll be happy"
  9. Last year's Kanri (wsh for top management) echoes last year: “I am very excited about kaizen. Malacky resonates (the city where Kanri took place) "