This seminar is part of the Lean JUNIOR study beginning in May 2021

Objectives of the seminar Team problem solving
▶ Gain a theoretical basis for teamwork with different types of problems - PDCA, A3 report
▶ Extend and deepen the skills used in problem solving with a practical application
▶ Carry out an analysis of selected unresolved problems of the partner company in the company operation and propose measures
▶ Present the analysis process and proposed measures to management representatives and obtain feedback
▶ Gain experience with completing the PDCA and A3 report
▶ Clarify roles in the improvement team and thus prevent communication noise in one's own job
▶ Understand the importance of testing the measures in place and avoid repeating problems
▶ Gain awareness of the importance of problem-solving effectiveness
▶ Gain awareness of the range of skills of successful problem solvers
▶ Understand the importance of standardization for the sustainability of change in the company

Increase healthy self-confidence.
No matter where you work or what your profession is, the ability to solve problems will increase your commitment and confidence in solving and systematically preventing problems, which in turn helps individuals and organizations overcome dangerous challenges.

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