At the end of January 2019, the final exam of our Lean Juniors, who started their studies at the beginning of last year, took place.

After completing a complete set of training, the students took the final exam. By a written examination, we examined their understanding of individual methodologies, the ability to calculate eg by kanban circuits and by oral examination we found the correctness of the implementation of lean methodologies in their companies. Finally, the students presented their projects, which they received during their studies. The criterion was: implementation of some or a combination of lean methodologies with a saving of at least CZK 100,000 / year, to process the project in the form of A3 with the objectives of selecting the target, appropriately selected analysis and applicable countermeasures.

The exam took place in Maier CZ, where the students of this company presented the results of their projects, with the participation of management representatives, directly at their workplace.

12 students successfully passed the exam, and we cordially congratulate them on their success!

Presentation of the maintenance stabilization project at Gemba

Prezentace projektu Stabilizace údržby na gembě.jpg