What is Lean Selling: A methodology to shorten and streamline the sales cycle and to support sales growth.

Most sales leaders try to get their entire sales team to perform well according to the best salespeople. In sales, they focus on trying to change the seller's behavior to achieve this.

Lean Selling focuses on defining a sales process that ensures consistent sales results for a product.

Lean Selling provides the tools you need to define and then refine the sales process as market conditions and competition change. The end result is predictable sales and customer satisfaction. 

Seminar content – introduction of methods:

1. VSM/VSD (Value Stream Design) marketing and sales processes
2. A3 methodology of optimization of marketing and sales projects
3. Monthly marketing and sales meeting, including sales forecast for the next three months and forecast of total sales in 2022 by market segments
4. Product portfolio analysis in the form of the Boston Matrix
5. Analysis and optimization of adding value to managers and marketing and sales staff
6. We will show practical examples of the above methodologies

As a partner, you will receive 2 free entries to the practical seminar

What does the partnership mean:

1. We will prepare the seminar and lead it by moderating and presenting the methodology
2. The partner will provide a meeting room with a projector and a flipchart for the seminar
3. The partner will briefly introduce the company, including the lean implementation program or achieving excellence
4. The partner organizes tour for participants, including elements of lean, where we can move with a group of 15 people. Participants will provide feedback, including recommendations for possible measures to increase efficiency

Other benefits of the partnership:

1. We will visit you in advance, answer questions and prepare training
2. We submit a list of course participants for approval
3. We make sure in advance that your competition does not come to you for training
4. Outputs (data, materials, photographs and analyzes) remain your property and are passed on to participants after your consent.