Lean JUNIOR with start September 2020

Lean SENIOR with start October 2020

LEAN ACADEMY with study program focused on:

  1. practical training of Lean tools for successful implementation, setup and improvement of lean processes
  2. 30% theory 70% praxis
  3. trainings in cooperation with partner companies - the training directly in production
  4. sharing experiences between seminar participants
  5. training presentation skills and providing feedback
  6. developing key skills for teamwork
  7. own a project aimed at improving your business

▶ Has a general overview of continuous improvement techniques
▶ He can solve problems effectively and look for waste in everyday processes
▶ He uses the basic tools of a lean business

▶ He uses advanced techniques for streamlining processes
▶ He is able to lead and organize workshops
▶ Can coordinate improvement teams
▶ Effectively implements methodologies for process optimization

We will be happy to answer your questions and explain the details. LA presentation in the form of a video here.

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