Lean JUNIOR with beginning of April 2020

Lean SENIOR with beginning of March 2020

Lean Academy Junior.jpgLean Academy senior 2020.jpg

LEAN ACADEMY is a study program focused on:

  1. practical training of Lean skills for successful implementation, setup and improvement of lean processes
  2. 30% theory 70% practice
  3. trainings in cooperation with partner companies - each seminar in cooperation with another company - training takes place directly in operation
  4. sharing experiences between seminar participants
  5. training presentation skills and providing feedback
  6. developing key skills for teamwork
  7. own project aimed at improving your business
  8. 5x coaching - support students in project management by experienced coaches - do not worry about the project alone
  9. seminars enriched with Lean GAMES – the possibility of using in your company for development and teambuilding

We will be happy to answer the questions and explain the details. LA presentation video here.

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