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Thanks to projects developed during the study, 7 students saved the amount of 5,770,622 CZK!

Selected projects were presented during the test on 26 - 27 August 2020 in production.

We believe that new knowledge and experience will help graduates solve current job challenges.

New friendships and contacts established in partner companies in which practical seminars took place can also help with advice and suggestions.

Students as representatives of companies: Copreci, SKODA AUTO, FRAENKISCHE, EMSA Capital, EcoPack

Partners of study: FRAENKISCHE, Hawle Austria Group, Siemens, Autoneum, STS Olbramovice, LIBERTY Steel Group, RM Gastro Veseli nad Luznici, MAHLE

Coaches of graduate projects: Miroslav Bauer, Jan Kovács, Marketa Novaková

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