On 6.8.2020, the first benchmark took place after a forced break. Representatives of companies: RM Gastro, Busch Výroba, Bosal and Schaltag took part.

Fraenkische presented a continuous history of culture change and lean implementation since 2014, including gradually increasing benefits in the order of millions of euros per year.

Currently in the company plant is undergoing 95 improvement projects using the A3 methodology. Methodology A3 means to implement seven steps:

    1. Problem selection
    2. Description of the problem
    3. Goal setting
    4. Analysis of the current state
    5. Definition of countermeasures to achieve the goal
    6. Verification of goal achievement
    7. Evaluation and next steps

The main subject of interest and thus discussion was the topics:

  • Lean Thinking change of thinking
  • Lean Office
  • Shopfloor management at all levels
  • Experience with automation
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Information exchange
  • Sustainability