Last week at Bauer Lean Automation (BLA), we handed over a collaborative automatic output control workplace to Busch Výroba s.r.o. We do things differently and maybe that's why we want to share this moment with you.

Thanks to our methods used in this project, we have been able to significantly simplify the work of operators on input and output compared to the original assignment. By simplifying the collaborative workplace itself, we have achieved a reduction in overall implementation costs and increased its versatility.


Even this seemingly small step for us at BLA is a big leap to which we intend to build.


At the same time we are working on sufficient design, manufacturing, programming and managerial capacity of BLA in 2020 to be able to implement projects with our partners in a short lead time and at lean cost, including peripherals.


Within the projects (design and production of peripherals, safety assessment, programming, assembly, debugging, operator training,…) we are also open to closer cooperation on solutions and greater sharing of experience.

The aim is to pass on as much know-how for the project as possible and to facilitate the acceptance of the cobota among employees.

At the same time, adequately save the capacity of internal experts, but involve them in the implementation team.


Our partners want to develop Busch's project in the spirit of quote:

“It hurts more, but we learned a lot. It is also our child. ”Václav Kozdeba - Busch Production s.r.o.

To start the cooperation and as a first step we will offer to the potential partners the so-called Quick scan, ie a one-day tour of production and logistics, namely their selected workplaces or entire lines for automation projects. Alternatively, find other suitable applications.