Ing. Petr Svoboda
Consultant and Lecturer

Ing. Petr Svoboda

Professional development

  • 2017 
    Consultant Kaizen institute -> Bauer Lean Consulting
  • 2014 
    Project manager (Busch vacuum systems)
  • 2011 
    Establishment and start-up of the Spanish branch of the Automotive Company in the Czech Republic (Pino Automotive)
  • 2004 
    Director of Production and Maintenance of the Spanish Automotive Company (Sintex Automotive)
  • 2001 
    Establishment and start-up of a French branch of an engineering company in the Czech Republic (Czech Hi-Tech)


  • 2002 
    ČVUT Praha
  • 2017 
    Kaizen Manager Certificate   

Selected professional results

  • 2001 
    Establishment and successful start-up of the company incl. provision of personnel, suppliers, production facilities and machinery during university studies
  • 2003 
    TOP3 supplier for engineering company Berthoud Agricole in France
  • 2006 
    Increase line productivity for GM by 40% (change layout, merge 2 lines, one piece flow)
  • 2011 
    Establishment of the company, provision of personnel and machinery, preparation of certification audit, commencement of deliveries to Škoda Auto and VW
  • 2015 
    Optimization of layout and process flows in the newly built production building, head of projects moving production from Germany to the Czech Republic, projects to increase productivity and modernize technology towards the automation of key processes
  • 2017 
    Consultant - specialization in VSM, OPF, layouts, logistics, SMED